The mandate of this project was to express my creative process. The concept of Mrs Panic, Mrs Joie, Mrs Confused and Mrs Sadness is inspired by the film Inside Out; while I do not always have the same approach with each emotion, I still reach my goal in the end. CM + Z is found in the background as it is the girl's best friend.

My Passport project represents 2 things: when the emotions take control, one must scan your passport; it also represents my passions for travelling and learning new things. The reason I named my passport Creatividad is that I like both tropical destinations and the Spanish language even though I can’t speak it a lot.

Mme Panic cover
Mme panic Passeport photo
Mme Joie cover
Mme Joi passeport photo
Mme Confuse cover
Mme Confuse passeport photo
Mme Triste cover
Mme Triste passeport photo